History of ACSR

The first Asian Workshop on Schizophrenia Research was organized Jan.31- Feb.1, 2009 at Osaka University Campus under the chair of Prof. Masatoshi Takeda. About 150 colleagues from Asian countries were invited to Osaka Workshop to discuss basic and clinical problems with schizophrenia. An idea of forming Asian College of Schizophrenia Research was brought into the discussion and the next meetings was decided to be organized in Seoul in 2011 under the leadership of Prof. Jun Soo Kwon.

The Second Asian Congress on Schizophrenia Research was held at the Ritz-Carlton Seoul in Korea under the chairmanship of Prof. Jun Soo Kwon February 11-12, 2011. Since the 2nd Asian Congress on Schizophrenia Research was well attended and covered broad topics related with schizophrenia, members of international organizing committee (Jun Soo Kwon (Korea), Masatoshi Takeda (Japan), Pichet Udomratn (Thailand), Eric Yu Hai Chen (Hong Kong), Cheng Lee (Singapore), Jae-Jin Kim (Korea), Shinichi Niwa (Japan), Andi J.Tanra (Indonesia), and Yu Xin (China)) all agreed to organize the 3rd congress in Bali , Indonesia in 2013.

The 3rd Asian Congress on Schizophrenia Research was organized under the chair of Prof. Andi J Tanra in conjunction with the 2nd National Meeting of Biological Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology of Indonesian Psychiatric Association at Sanur Paradise Plaza, Bali, February 14-16, 2013. In the business meeting in Bali on February 14, 2013 attended with Andi J. Tanra, Masatoshi Takeda, Jun Soo Kwon, Brian Dean, Yu Xin and Pichet Udomratn, the launch of Asian College on Schizophrenia Research was unanimously supported.

Our first meeting in Osaka, 2007, was called Asian Workshop on Schizophrenia Research. The second one in Seoul, 2009, and the third one in Bali were named Asian Congress on Schizophrenia Research (ACSR). As for the name of our new organization, Asian Society on Schizophrenia Research, Asian Network of Schizophrenia Research, Asian College of Schizophrenia Research were discussed. We agreed with the use of ACSR, because the name of ACSR was used for four years and it was already popular among our colleagues. We have agreed with the name Asian College of Schizophrenia Research (ACSR), and that our congress will be called Congress of ACSR. There was a discussion whether we may delete the wording of “research” from our official name.

We have started our meeting with members of mainly eastern Asian regions, including China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand. This time Brian Dean from Australia joined the meeting and we had good constructive discussion for setting up the new organization. It is our general agreement we can include members from wider Asian area including Australia.

We discussed the need to form solid structure of our organization such as president, vice-president, executive members, board members. We discussed we need to have the rules of our organization. There was a proposal two members from each country will be adequate. Masatoshi Takeda agreed to take the responsibility to draft the structure of the organization, the rule of the organization and other arrangements. There was a proposal to make the homepage of our organization.

The 4th congress will be chaired by Professor Hai-Gwo Hwu in Taipei in conjunction with WPA International Congress. The date will be November 18-20, 2015. Pichet Udomratn is recommended for possible organizer of the 5th congress in Thaliand.